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""STOP IT NOW ! Stop It Qnickly, Jnst the Same as Did Mr. Charles H. Hoffman, of 132 Ten Eyck Street, Jackson. If you have a pain in your back, stop it! A lame back, stop it! An aching back, stop it ! Do you want to know how ? Let U8 tell yon ! In the first place, never try to rid yourself of pain without knowing the cause. If pain or ache exist there is reason for it. Find out this reason and get after it. Strike cause a stiff blow with the right weapon, and its allies, pain and ache, will flee like chaff before the wind. To get right down toit, backache is indicative of kidney disorders, a gpy placed there by nature; listen to his warniugs and take up the weapon, strike before disease is reinforced with allies that can not be routed by hand of man, 6uc!i as Bright's disease. Let us introduce to you this weapon ! Let us prove its su]i riority to al! othersl Here is a blow it í!ruck: Mr. Charles H. Hoffman is a fireman on the M. C. R II., and resides at 132 Ten Eyck Street, Jackson, Mich. He says: "I have suffered for a long time from a kidney and bladder disorder which has at times rendered me incapable of work; have been at the hospital for my complaint nd discharged from there as cured, but the oíd complaint has invariably come back again. Some time ago I heard of Boan's Kidney Pilis, and I began taking them, with most gratifying results. Urinary complaints which bothered me greatly are very much improved, and the pain I suffered in my back has cntirely left me, my general condition is much improved. I would not like to be without Doan's Kidney Pilis, I think others should know what a valuable re.nedy it is. " For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., solé agents for the U.S. Remeraher the name, Doan's, and take no other.


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