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Right Will Prevail

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Tlre Is not on thls ol3 earth . A country sp near To our heart'é fon9 affection As America dear. We so cherish her honor, Her frcedom, her fame, We would leave not one staln , To ever tarnlsh her name. Tet such evi] exlsts whlch, If not brushed away, s Must sully her splendor At some future day, i.- For the rich in their power, Their pride and their greed Are fast crushing the poor, Who are wtak and in need. But the faet that the yoke Of injustice and wrong Has been put by the will Of ihe rich and the strong On the neck of the laborer, Poor and obscure, Is forth wafted by breezes That can but endure. And those breezes of censure. Of sympathy, love, W1H pass still on their course, Given power from aboye, Till the darkening miseries Shall scatter and fiee, Like the mist clouds before The briEht sun in nis sea.


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