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Prof. B. A. Lfinsdale is editiug an historical series of books, ouo volume to each. state in the union. Mrs. C. S. Abbott, '98 law, haa been appointed clerk of the practice court of the law department for next year. Lawronco Gould, of Owosso, will attend the summer school which cornmences July 7 aud will enter the university in the fall. The Students' Christian Assooiation has raised money to offer a scholársbip in sociology. The winner will receive money sufficient to pay his expenses at the Chicago conimons social settlement ior the summer raonths. At a meeting of the 'Vaisity baseball team Satorday eveuing,, Jobn Edward Butler, of Ludington, Mich., was elected to captain next year's team. Mr. Butler ia a member of the '98 olass aud played at secoud base duriug the seasou of '95. Assistant Professor J. O. Schlotterbeck has agaiu been ofiered the proles,sorship iu pharmaooguosy in oue of the most prominent western universities. Although the position pays a salary of 2,500 he bas decided to remain iu Ann Arbor. The Students' Christian Associatiou aud the University Y. AI, C. A. will not unite. Altbough both societies cover practioally the same field and a nniou would be benefleial, the liberal niembers of the S. C. A. have disagreed to it. The university library. received a valuable volume of Wadsworth last week - a copy of the flrst edition, priuted in 1793. Only a few copies are now in existence, and this one cost $80, the money being furnished by D. M. Ferry, of Detroit. The Students' Lecture Association reports receipts for the year of f2,937.90 and expenses $2,684.80. There is abalance in the treasury of $2.10 as 111 was douated to the Studeuts' Christian Assooiation, $150 to the Woman's Gym, $35 to the Athletic Assoc ation and $35 to the Genetal Library The janitor of the medical buildin has been presented with a silver wato and chain from the students of th medical duartmeut. It is oonsidered a a partial reward for bravery, fur th janitor, it will be remembered, rushe in with tbe fire extingnisher and wit great risk to himself succeeded in put ting out the fire before it had done an great damage. He was overeóme b; the gases, bnt recovered safely. Prol Hnber made a very happy speech o presentation. The baseball game with Cornell Sat nrday resnlted in the defeat of the U of M. boys by a soore of 6 to 1, in th presence of the largest cro%vd of the sea son, who were generous in their ap planse of good plays, no matter wh made tnein. It was a good game. Cor nell won by bunching of hits at jus proper time, while the Michiga team had three men ou bases twice, bu the hit that was necessary to get in th men did not materialize and the men died on their bases. The annual meeting of the Sigm Delta fraternity of tbe University o1 Michigan was held in Detroit, MoQday and was well attended by a large num ber of prominent dentists from all ove the country. The constitutiou was re vised in some particulars and officer were elected as iolllows: Suprem grand master, N. S. Hoff, Aun Arbor supreme wortby master, H. C. Kay mond, Detroit; supreme scribe, A. W Haidle, Aun Arbor; supreme treasurer W. Cleland, Detroit. In the evening there was a banquet at tbe Bussel honse, at wuich 50 sat dowu. There was no program of toasts, but severa dentists made impromptu remarks when called on by the supreme grand master


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