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The Coming Fourth

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The prospecta are growing brighter for our graud celebration of the glorious Ponrth, snoh a celebration as will show tbat pariottism is yet rampaut in American blood. Acceptances of invitations are coming in and it is now an assured fact tbat a marnmoth parade will be seen. The military part of the parade will be a taking one and there will be a nuinber of outside companies here. The bioyole part of the parade will be an imposing one. The inerchants are all taking hold of the trade prooession and as will be seeu by I the list given below the nnmber of displays will be very large. A large nnmber of sooiety organizations will be in the parade. A oontraot has been made íor a balloon ascensión and parachute drop, and a large amount of fireworks have been ordered including some stnnning displays. The oration of the day will be delivered by Judge J. W. Donovau, of the Wayue Circuit conrts and he will speak on "Our Farmer Boys." The address will be strongly patroitio and we have the assurance of Judge Robert E. Fraser, formerly of this city, that it will be a fine address. The bicycle raoes, the ball games and the other afternoon amusements are all being arranged for. It is the desire of the committee that all the school children assemble on the court yard square with small flags in their hands, to witness the procession. The whole city will be a mass of decorations. Let every body in the whole county turn out and help Ann Arbor celébrate tne natal day of Amerioau lndependanee and show that we appreciate our Liberty as much as the English do the sixtieth anniversary of Victoria's reign. Below is given a list of those business men wbo have already signified tbeir intention of taking part in the industral parade. There will be otbers besidss thein however, aud places will be assigned to all who will take part in it: John M. Wagner, Hoohrein & Krauss, J. M. Feiuer, W. E. Pardoü, Michael Gauss, Sid W. Millard, Henne & Stanger, John Mahlke, F. W. Buss, Wahr & Miller, Wm. C. Reinhardt, C. C. Sniith & Co., Jae Parker, John1 Goetz & Son, Staebler & Co., Mueblig & Schmid, F. Schmid, Chas. H. Major, Martin Schaller, Stark & Gartee, Chas. Staebler, W. J. Aprill, B. F. Watts, D. J. Malloy, P. F. Reimold, J. F. Schub, Oswald Dietz, B. St. James, H. J. Brown.Wru. Gerstner, Fred Brown, C. H. Keys, Edwards & Dowler, Dr. Dell, M. M. Seabolt, Wm. F. Stimson, J. E. Beal, J. Gwinner, Luick Bros., Wm. F. Lodholz, Fred C. Weinberg, W. G. Palmer, Singer Mfg. Co., J. Laubengayer, Martin Haller, Bailey & Edmunds, Huuter & Chapiu, John Haarer, C. Gauss, John Berger, M. F. Schaible, Geo. Haller, R. A. Lutz, Wadharns, Ryan & Reule, jlaok & Co., John Banmgard, uer, Manu Bros., Cuttiug, Reyer & Co., Bigalke & Reule, A. A. Music Co., J. F. Hoelzle, O. M. Martin, A. E. Mummery, Ernest Jaeger, G. H. Wild, Wm. A. Gwinner, J. F. Staebler, M. Staebler, bicyoles, Wm. Herz, Hntzel & Co., Goodyear Drug Co., Geo. Wahr, Chicago ShoeCo., Louis Rohde, Berryuian, Ann Arbor Gas Co., Win. J. Wenger, Edward Duö'y, Wnrster & Kim, H. C. Meuth, W. F. Rehfuss, A. A. Agrioultural Co., Sheehan & Co., Geo. Spathelf, Wasbtenaw Eve. Times, J. Heune & Co., Enooh Dieterle, Pfisterer & Grossman, íáchuruacher's Hardware, Walker & Co., Wrn. Frey, Louis Kurtz, ' Wm. Arnold, Dean & Co., Davis & Seabolt, Harpst & Schoettle, Mack & Co., Furaiture, Schumacber & Miilei', Liudenschinitt & Apfel, L. C. Weiuruanu, Win. Uli, Parker, Colburn & Schneider, E. V. Hangsterfer Robison & Co., Allmendinger & Wines, Eberbach Hardware Co., Rinsey & Seabolt;, Fred Biermann, Heinzmann & Laubengayer, John Schneider, Sohueidfir Bros., Eberbach & Bon, Goodspeed Bros , C. F. Koyser, L. O'Toole, Heusel Bros., Geo. W. Kelly, Geo. W. Sweet, H. C. Exinger, C. F. Pardon, Kenny & Quiulan, The Hurd-Holmes Co., Allmeudinger & Schneider, Ann Arbor Brewing Co., T. E. Kickels, O'Hara, Boyle & Co. The bicycle races willcome off in the afternoou on the fair ground track. They will be a noted feature of the day's oelebration and some fast amateur riders are expected to ride There are four events, oue mile novice, one-haU rnile open, one mile handicap, and one mile consolation. Between these events foot races, a baseball game and other jolly events will be introduced. Alto gether the ocacasion will be replete with pleasure and excitement. Admission to the grounds will be 25 cents; ohildren 10 cents; grand stand free. For particulars and to enter the races, address P. Stoftiet, manager, Ann Arbor, Mioh. The official program as announced by the execntive oommittee is as follows: Salute of 45 guns at sunrise. Receptiou of military and' invited gnests on arrival. Parade will form at 10 a. m. and move at 10 :30 sharp. Bands will play "Conmbia" iu uuison at conrt house square at 1 :3ü p. m. Reading of Declaration of Iudependence and oration on court house squar at 2 p. m. Fire departmeut exercise at 4 p. m. Balloon ascensión and parachute drop from west side of court house at 4 :30 p. ra. Band concert at court house square at (5 :45 p. in. Military dress paiade at 7 p. m. Fireworks display at 8:15 p. m. A general and cordial invitation ia extended to every resident of the oounty to be present on Saturday, July 3, and assist in making the celebration the great success it should be.


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