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That must have been embarrassing nformation to the United States senate which Statistician Carroll D. Wright f urnished that body last week concerning ;he labor cost of lumber in tbig country and in Canada. His figures showed that, while the average wages in Canadian sawmills is $1.41 and $1.71 per day ïere, the average labor cost of 1,000 feet of lumber is $1.28 in Canada and only 91 cents here. The decreased cost of production in this country is attributed to the superior machinery used. 3f course the figures prove the free rade contention that the rate of wages paid does not indícate the cost of proluction - that low wages are very often more expensive to employers, and vice versa. But these hard facts furnished )y an officer of the goverument will not issuade the lumber barons f rom their )urpose to get a tarifï on Canadian lum)er so that they can the more effectually ob American consumers. Protectionists are nothing for facts. What thev want


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