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Got Their Revenge

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The second annual game of baseball between tbe meiabers of the High School faculty and board of educatiou and the Univeisity faculty bad to be postponed on account of raiu from Wednesday of last week uutil Saturday, Avhen it was played on th6 athletiĆ³ field. The game was witnessed by a large and interested gathering of peo. ple, the grand stand, bleachers and side lines being crowded. This year tbe tables were tnrned and tbe U. of jy professors got their revenge, defeatiag the High Sohool team by a score of 2$ to 14, in six innings. The teams lined up as follows: 'Varsity - Worcester, 1 b. ; Hildner s. s. ; Towuley, c. ; Trueblood, 3 b. Dix' on, 3 b. ; Lombard, 1. f. ; Pattengill, o. f. ; Strauss, r. f, ; Pattersou, p. High School - Jocelyn, p. ; Garumon, ljb. ; Springer, c. ; BeaJ, s. s. ; Hawkesj 2 b. ; Miner, 3 b. ; Wines, o. f. ; Jacobs,' 1. f. ; Montgomery, r. f. Sid W. Millard and Coach Watkias of the 'Varsity team, acted as umpires'. The game was a remarkable one from tbe uumber of star plays that were made and afforded unbounded amusement to the spectators. The total gate receipts was $73.25, which was divided equally between the High School and TTnivftTSifv ftthlfitin AKsnr.iatinno


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