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The Recall Of Weyler

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London, June 29. - The Pall Mail Gazette prints the following dispatch from lts correspondent at Madrid: "Public attention is engrossed by the appointment of General Stewart L. Woodford as United" States minister to Spain. While the government continúes to repudíate the intention of recalling General Weyler, I am in a position to reitérate that his recall will be an accomplished fact at no distant date. I learn that in all Drobability Generáis Blanco and Macias will proceed to the island and divide the supremecommand, and I have good reason to believe that, coincident with the arrival here of General Woodford Marshal Martínez Campos will proceed upon a separate mission to Cuba. In accordance with the wishes of President McKinley, Martínez Campos should be the executor of any arrangements possibly reached between Spain and the United States. YT1H Oppose Autonomy. "Indications do not point to any arrangements being reached with the United States and intímate friends of Señor Cánovas del Castello (the Spanish premier) declare the premier will strenuously oppose autonomy. Castelar, the Liberal leader, is also opposed to anything of the kind. They both consider that such a concession would render it very dimcult to maintain Spanish sovereignty. "The report that the United States will insist upon autonomy and the withdrawal of the Spanish troops and that, otherwise, it will intervene by force, f necessary, does not make for a peaceful solution, and the Dosition is regarded throughout Spain with considerable anxietv ."


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