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AN OPEN LETTER. "Wliat Mrs. I. E. Bressie Says tO American Women. Bpeaks of Her Melancholy C'ondltloa After the Blrth of Her Child. "I feel as if I was doing an injustice to my suffering sisters if I did not teil what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable j pound has done p-Va for me, and its j? Y worth to the world. ;jft r ailments of p Iffl women were L5} imagined or FjSI I 3p mybad feel"-- 1 v y inga, until I was v"" " obliged to give up. My ▼ disease bafiied the best doctors. " I was nervous, hysterical; my head ached with such a terrible burning1 sensation on the top, and feit as i f a band was drawn tightly above my brow; inflammation of the stomach, no appetite, nausea at the sight of food, indigestión, constipation, bladder and kidney troubles, palpitation of the heart, attacks of melancholia would occur without any provoeation whatever, numbness of the limbs, threatening paralysis, and loss of memory to such an extent that I f eared aberra tion of the mind. "A friend advised Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and spoke in glowing terms of what it had done for her. " I beganits use and gained rapidly. Now I ain a living advertisement of its merits. I had not used it a year when I was the envy of the whole town, for my rosy, dimpled, girlishlooks and' perfect health. "Irecommenditto all women. I find a great advantage in being able to say, it is by a woman's hands this great boon is given to women. All honor to the name of Lydia E. Pinkham ; wide suceess to the Vegetable Compound. "Yours in Health, Mrs. I. E. Bressie, Herculaneum. Jefferson Co., Mo."


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