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Kaiser And The Czar

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St. Petersburg, Aug. 10.- The Emperor and Empress of Germany proceeded to Krasno-Helo, the great military camp, where they were received by the czar and czarina. The two emperors and Prince Henry of Prussia wore Russian uniforms.. They rode to the camp on horseback, the empresses and their suites following in carriages. The camp was gay with decorations and all the troops present were drawn up in parade order. Upon the arrival of their majesties the band played "Heil der Kaiser." The Germán emperor greeted the troops in Russian. After the two emperors and their stafïs had ridden around the camp they proceeded to the mperial tent where a deputation of officers and men from the Viborg regiment, of which EmperorWilliam is honorary colonel,, were maneuvered by the ernperor of Germany, who gave the commands in Russian. Emperor William Songr. Later a grand military tattoo was opened with "The Song of Aegir," Emperor William's famous composition, at :he close of which there was a discharge of rockets and an imperial salute was fired by the artillery. Their majesties then proceeded to the Alexander palace, dined in private and afterwards witnessed a performance at the theater. The people of St. Petersburg are lavishly entertaining the Germán sailors and the municipality of St. Petersburg has made presents of silver cups to the Germán orficers and cigarette cases to the saiiors. The military review at Camp Krasnoe Solo was a grand spectacle and came off in brilliant weather. The troops under the command of Grand Duke Vladimir, were drawn up in a square, in the center of which was the imperial tent. The Germán emperor wore the uniform of the St. Petersburg Grenadier guards and the Russian emperor that of a Uhlan of the guards. Nicholas Led the Guards. The dowager czarina, the czarina and the Germán empress were seated in a four-horse carriage and after driving along the front of the hollow square, took a position directly in front of the tent, from which point they watched a gorgeous and picturesque march past. Emperor Nlcholas led tfie guards in front of Emperor William, Grand Duke Vladimir and the other grand dukes riding behind the czar, who subsequently led the Probrajensky regiment past the kaiser. The latter cried in Russian: "I greet you my brave fellows!" The men saluted his majesty in response. Then Emperor William led th Viborg regiment past the czar, followed by the grand dukes, each leading his respective regiment. The whole review came to a glittering finish with a march past of horse guards and cossack artillery.


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