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Modern Awnings

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"Scarcely any object is more conspicqous in the sommer season than the awning, ' said Mr. BifBeton. "In none is our progress in civilization more apparent. Awning stripes are made nowadays in a great variety of styles and in various colors and shades of color. It is quite possible to get au awning to match a building, or one that shall contrast with it agreeably. I have seen lately a large brownstone building equipped with awnings having altérnate stripes in two shades of brown, shading admirably with tbe stone, the whole prodncing a massive, harmonious and pleasing effect. I have seen buildings of light colored bricks with light stone or terra cotta trimruings equipped with awnings in stripes of darker colors and of somewhat fauciful design as to the width and grouping of the stripes, giving an effect somewhat strik tig perhaps, but decidedly picturesque. "The fact is that in the hands of a competent persou the awning rnay now easily be made a great embeilishment of the building, and properly put up, as indeed most of them are nowadays, it becomes a thing of beauty and a joy, if not forever, at least for the sumicer months. ■


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