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Afraid Of The Hoodoo

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A hearse crossed the track and the ! motoueer put ou the brakes so suddenly tbat the car nearly stood ou its nose. Then he sat down on the front seat to await the passing of the long string of carriages followiug the black draped â– vehicle. A fat man who had nearly been thrown over the front rail by the sudden stopping of the car snorted angrily : "Why don't you cut across? I've got to catch a train. I can't wait here all day." "Can't help it, boss. Yon '11 have te wait and catch another train." "VVell, I'll report you to the company. That procession will take five minutes iu passing us. " "Report away. I can't help it if the procession takes 20 minutes. Yov couldn't hire me to run this car acrosĂ­ that funeral procession for the best jot on the line. That's the worst hoodoo f man could run up against. " "Bah!" said the fat man. "All right, boss. I know what Pro talking about. Oue of the best men or this line crossed a funeral processior soon after the trolley system was put in. A live wire dropped on the back of bis ueck and electrocuted him before he'd gone a block. A little while latei another poor fellow cut across back of a hearse. He rau over three children in as ruauy weeks, He quit the road as crazy as a loon. Now the conductor on that same car has lost every cent he had in the world, and bis wife and child have died. Bah, yourself I I'd like to see you get off this car and walk across in front of one of thosecarriages. I'll bet you'd be catchin your last train in this world pretty quick. Jest hop off and try it now. " But the fat man only sbifted uneasily about on the hard car seat and waited silentlv until the last carriaere had passed.


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