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Au Unconscious Rebuff

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The Rev H. R. Haweis, author of "Mnsic and Moráis," tells a good story iu bis book, "Travel and Talk," of an nnconscious rebnfif he once received in a railway carjriage: An old gentleman who sat opposite had been eying me over nis evening paper with wbat I fancied was a look of recoguition. Presently he handed me the paper and pointed to an article on a musical subject. "I thought, sir, " he said politely, "you might like to eee this article." One glance was sufflcient. I recognized an almost verbatim chapter of "Music aud Moráis." Disgnsted at the fraud, I handed the paper back, remarking that I was quite familiar with the contents. "In fact, " I rashly added, "it is a chapter out of 'Music and Morals. ' You may know the book?" "Indeed, sir, I never heard of it. Who is it by?" "Oh," I said, "a man named Haweis - a parson, you know. " "Oh, reallyl I never heard of him!" "Haven 't you?" said I. "No, " said he. "Oh!" said I, and the conversation dropped. So of whomsoever it may be said or sung, " 'E dun know where 'e are," in the long run "most everybody" finds his level.


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