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Manager Liseruer had to offer a big guarantee to Ward & Vokes, who wil! open the Athens Theater toruorrow night, before they wonld oonsent to play here. The attraction is a large one carrying 32 people and is only one of tnany that Mr. Lisemer has secnred for this season. Upon the snccess ol this opeuing entertainment depends a great deal the snccess of the season's business. Mr. Lisemer has done a great deal to fit up the theater in good stlye and his laborsshould receive proper apprecnation. The 3dvantage to onr city of good tbeatrical entertainments cannot be overestiinated. A good theater means more to Ann Arbor than it does to most towns. We are the oeuter of the eduoational life of the West. During the theatrical season wo have a large transieut population that demands snch amnsements and are willing to pay for the best. The presence or absence of them will have its inflneace npon the growth of the student population. Mr. Lisemer has done his part in this matter. It now remains for the citizens to do theirs, for the hearty and loyal support of the citizens of Ann Arbor is uecessary for the success of this undertaking.


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