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Will Make War On De Armit

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Pittsburg, Sept. 7.- The Pittsburg district miners' convention to eleet delegats to the national convention which meets at Columbus to consider and determine whether or not the proposition that the miners return to at a flat rate of 65 cents per ton be accepted assembled here Tuesday with nearly 100 delegates, representing every mine in the district, in attendance. The morning session was taken up with receiving credentials and perfecting an organization. The delegates are divided upon the question of accepting 65 cents or standing firm for the 69-cent rate, but it is thought that the inflvience of the leaders will result in a declaration for the compromise rate or that the delegates will at least be so instructed. President Dolan stated that the acceptance of the 65-cent rate by the miners did not necessarily carry with it the complete ending of the strike. At the mines of the New York and Cleveland Gas Coal company camps will still be maintained and the strike vigorously continued. So in the case of any and all mines throughout the district that refused to pay the rate agreed upon at the Columbus convention would the strike be kept up and at all such points camps would be re-established and every known lawful and peaceful means would be used to keep those mines closed until the operators thereof agreed topay the established rate. This statement was in view of the fact that it had been reported that there would probably be some mines where the rate would not be paid. President Dolan also stated that the delegates at the convention were all instructed and that they would go into the convention to decide the question of the acceptance of the 65-eent rate or lts rejection entirely free from any influence of other than their own opinions and beliefs to what was the best for them.


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