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Real Estate Transfers

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J. Backus aud wife to Lewis Iiurnett, e ].,' s w }2 section 2W, Webster, 11,100, Polley Ball to Edwin Bal], e e i sectou 22, Webster, 650. E. B. Cook to Josepb Clay, lot 51 G. V. subdivisión, Anu Arbor City, $200. Jaa. L. Babcook to F. S. Slayton aud wife, % s e K, seotion 19, Ypsilanti, 1. Thos. Wilkinson to Rosana B. Lehnian, paroel of land, Chelsea, $36. J. G. Goodrich and wife to John A. Reymor, lot 461 P. R. subdivisión, Ypsilanti city, f100. G. W Lockwood aud wife to C. C. Lockwood, parcel of land section 1 and 7, Salem, $1. Chas. Lockwood to C. C. Lockwood, same description, $4,000 Geo. Keal and v.ife to G. E. Darrow and wife, 5x9 rods section 33, Ann Arbor city, 400. Chas. E. Corey and wife to Hustou & üawson, part of lots 74 and 7ü original plat, Ypsilanti city, $4.000. Mary A. Corry to Hustou & Dawsou, same descriptiou, 14,000. Francés St. Johu to Nancy W. Hadley, s 44 feet lot 11, block 1, Hill's addition, Aun Arbor oity, $700. Jas. Gillespie and wife to B. B. Sudworth, lot 5, bloek 6, s uf Huron st., Ann Arbor city, 2,000. Wm. Robison to Austiu Robisou, e J s L W % n w % section 28, Saline, 500. P. C. Depew to Fraucis Beeman, part of s e % s w }4 section 12 also parte y2 n w % eection 13, Hylvau, fl,666. George Bnrkhardt by lieirs, to Fred Schumacher, lot "B" or middle subdivisión n of railroad, also part of e subdivisión n of railroad of s w V section 7, Manchester, $1,400. H. O. Severance et al to W. B, Phillips, n L2 of lots 9 and 10 block 1, Ann Arbor city, $1,800. Wm. Moffitt to Jos. Baltz et al, subdivisión 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, of estáte of Olin Alred, section 28, Augusta, $1,000. M. P. Vogel and wife to C. W. Vogel, uadivided % of 2 aoies of land Brown & Fulier's additiou, Anu Arbor city, 200. E. L. Dunn to B. E. Dunn, lot No. 2 Hack's addition, Milan village, $500. J. N. Wallace and wife to Wm. Dusbiber, lot 4, block 4, N. P. addition, Ypsilanti city, 300. 3. P. Kirk to Jas. Auderson, parcel of land, Davis addition, Ypsilanti city, $450. J. R. Bach to Chas. Dietas, lot 37 Miller addition, Ann Arbor city, $450.