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Her Soul Unburdened

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Charley Wheeler and Lucille Sprockett had been inarried nearly three weeks, and they had just returned from their wedding trip. They were supremely happy in each other's love, and the honeymoon so far had been to them as one long, blissful dream. Within the next day or two, however, the bride grew slightly depressed in spirits, and an uneasy foei ing seemed to take possession of her. The young husband noticed the change, but attributed it to fatigue from the recent travels. But his bride grew more nervous and took on such a troubled expression that he said to her : "Yüu have something on your inind, darling, that is troubling you. Teil me what it is." At first she tried to persuade him that he was mistaken, that nothing worried her. "You are wrong, Charley, dear, " she would say. "Really, I am not worrying over anything. I am just as happy asi can be." The day following, however, the young wife wore such a troubled look that her husband said to her : "Lucille, you must teil me what is troubling yon. I will not be put off any longer. As your husband I have a right to know. ' ' Seeing that further concealment was impossible, she broke down and sobbed bitterly : "Oh, Charley, I am so unhappy!" she wailed. "I have - deceived - you. " A sickening sensation swept over the young husband. Surely there must be some mistake. „ She, whom he had looked upon as the personiflcatiön of innocent womanhood - deceive him ! It must not be. It would destroy his happiness and blight his life. And then, when he caught a sudden visión of the horrible possibilities of the situation, he became sick at heart and almost feil to the floor. Then, with a great effort, he controlled his feelings. "Teil me, " he said. "I am prepared for the worst." "Oh, Charley, I am so sorry!" "You should have thoughtof this before. " "I know, I know. I see my mistake, now it's too late," she cried. "Oh, why didn't I teil you bef ore we were married?" "Teil me now, and be quick about it. I cannot bear this suspense. ' ' "Teil rne first that you will forgive me," she said in pleading tones. "I will devote niy whole life in atonement f or this one mistake. ' ' "I caimot promise until I know what it is, ' ' he said. Then she came over and knelt at his feet. "Oh, Charley, you know the wheel I got just a few weeks before we weie niarried" - "Yes; but what has that" - "Why, I bought it - on the - installment plan - $4 a month - and have only paid - one installment. And I just know the collector will be - here tomorrow. Oh, Charley," she sobbed, "can you ever forgive me'?'


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