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Washtenaw Circuit Court

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The circuit conit for Washtenaw county was opened for the October term of business on Monday Hon. E. D. Kinne presiding. There were 87 cases on the docket, 2? of which were criminal cases. The term will be a long one but it was considerably sborteDed by the quiek manner in which a large number of the criminal cases were dispoeed of. The first case oo cali was the long-drawn-out embezzlement case against ex-County Register of Deeds C. J. McKinstry. The defendñai was not on hand for which Judge Kinne severely reprimanded the attorney Capt. Allen. However, on being assured of McKiustry's appearanoe nn tbe flrst day of next week the case was formally set for that time. The cases against William Beranck charged with leoeiving stolen property, Richard Hamilton charged with indecent exposure and Joseph W. Davis disposing of chattel mortgaged property were nolle prossed. The cases against John O'Grady for rape and Fred Mack were continued until next term of court. Monday afternoon when the following prisoners were arraigned they pleaded gailty to the several crimes they were charged with and received their sentences: George Kelly for passing ■whisky through the bars to prisoners at the cuunty jail was sentened to six months in jail ; Lou Whitman and Frank Biegal for stealing a load of wheat fiom Mrs. Dunlavy near Dester, were given 14 and l"ö months respeotively at the Iooia reforrnatory ; Charles Johnsoa for burglarizing Ed. Hagan's grocery store goes to Ionia for one year; John ü'Brien of Dexter for assanlt and Dattery got 60 days in the coanty jail; the three negroes Wm. Taylor, Charles Thompson and Eugene Crawford pleaded guilty to being in a cntting afïray and weie let off on payment of the costs f 8 each. Tuesday morning several more pl#as of guilty were entered and Walter Weinberg, August Hinklemann and Anthony Woodei charged with breaking uto and entering a railroad car in the M. C. yards were sentenced, Weinberg to 18 rnontbs at Jackson and Hinkleman and Woodei to 18 ruouths each at [onia. The case against Irving Jones the colored man for entering Geo. Spathelf's meat market was nolle prossed. Six liquor cases were disposed of on the defendant's plea of guiity and were dismissed on payment of the costs as follows: Oswald Dietz, f 15; M. Schaible, 5; Paul Tessmer, 5.05; J. G. Schmid, $5; Abram Polhemus, ?.3S; John Berger, 3.50. On Wednesday the case of Timothy McKune vs. James S. Gorman was tried and the jnry returned a verdict for plaintiff for f153. 70. The case of Minnie M. Vanderwerker vs. Mary A. Locker, leplevin, was next on trial and is still in progress. The case against William Larkins, Edward Lyon and Rupert Jones charged with murdering James Richards on the night of Jan. 30 last will come on for trial next week.