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Real Estate Transfers

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Geo. H. Haywood and wifa to C. K. Bennett aud wife, e % of s w } seo. 30, except n w %, Ypsilanti 8,50. A. G. Schneeberger and wife to Jas. Jones and wife, lot 17 Cross addition, Ann Arbor city, $300. Chas. Black and wife to Ella Goodman, lot 81 Bartholomew's addition, Ypsilanti city, $30. Jofan Miller to Bridget N. Boone, part of lot 253 Ypsilanti city, $300. Martha Gray to Harriett Warner, lot 13, block 1, Congdon's addition, Chelsea, $300. N. Fowler to E. E. Fowler, e }4 s w JL seo. 21, Saline, $1. N. Schmid and wife to J. J. Bruegel, lot 1, 2, 3, nurth block Polhemus addition, Manchester, $175. Schaker & Kempf to G. H. Fisher et al, lot A Suhairer & Kempf 's addition, Aan Arbor city, $500. Helen Noli to F. Sohmid, part of lot 24 Jewett's addition, Ann Arbor oity, $20. Lillie Simmons to Adda Belcher et al, let 517, Norris' addition, Ypsilanti city, $312. J. T. Shaw aud wife to John Howard and wife, lot 4 Hiscock's addition, Ann Arbor city, $800. Martin Ryan and wife to John Dawson, 8 acres land ser. 2, Augusta, $250. AuDa M. Meyer to Curistian Klnmpp, 1 acre land s w corner of n w % seo. 34, Lodi, $400. Eliz. C. Felch to R. A. Winslow, lots 10 and 11, block 9, B. & F. additiou, Anu Arbor city, $800. John Koch to Mary C. Whiting, lot 77 Miller additiou, Aun Arbor oity, $1. Peninsular Savings Bank to J. V. Sheehan, lot 8, block 3, Lawrence addition, Ann Arbor oity, SitJOO. Sarah Holmes to Esther McCullura, lot 2, block 1. south of Huron st. , Ann Arbor oity, $1. Rose W. Bodmer to J. Koch et al., part lot 2, blook 5, Ann Arbor oity, $10. VV. M White to J. T. Jacobs, lot 12 aud part lot 15, block 1, Hill's addition, Aun Arbor city, $1,200.