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"mOflDENT. Mr Q„intu3 Hummel, of 118 Michigan Ave., Detroit, tells a War Story of Iiis owu Experience, and the Eesult. (From Detroit Neios.) Our representativo called at 118 Mi#ii„ Avenue, the residence of Mr. Quintas frummel. Mr. Hummel is a veteran of Splate war, and received, in the campaign, iniui'V whieh has given him much pain ,"l uffering since. He belonged to a Sigan cavalry regiment and his horse becoming frighteneá ene day rearad up, throwing him backward. ín falling ha truck his spine on a sharp stoce, ínfiictin" a deep cut over flve inches long. The n?urv allected the kidneys. About two wars a-o the left kidney started to bleed, índ has been doinS so ever Mrpummel, in a few pointed sentences, gave our representative the following account : "The accident of my 'wardays' left me in bad shape; pain in my back and sDine rendered me alrnost useless, and I was compelled to give up work enth-ely. T could not tum over in bed without assistancc I liave sPent hundreds of dollars in various ways trying to find relief. Physiciiins have told me my spine was honeycombed for 13 inches. I had given up ii despair, never hoping for relief, when a friend told me about Doan's Kidney Pilis, and they have done me a world of good. The pains have disappeared f rom my back, and the bleeding of my kidney has almost entirely stopped. I know I can never be entirely cured, as I would have to be ' a Dv man,' but Doan's Kidney Pilis have done more to make me feel like 'a new man ' than all the other things I have tried during past years. I have not had any reeurrence of the pain or bleeding sinco taking them." Doan's Kidney Pilis for sale by all dealers Price 50 cents, by mail, trom Foster-JIilburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., solc ae-ents for the United States. Remembei the name, Doan's, and take no other.


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