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Tbe correspoudents of the Detroit press ...

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Tbe correspoudents of the Detroit press have gone outside of the legitímate rovinoe of newsgatherers this week in making daily coinrueuts on tbe strength or weakuess of the evidence in the mnrdet trial here . They have not shown any greafc skill jn makiug these cour ments, which have taken on a partisan bias. Older newspaper men wonld have given the evidence, without oominent, leaving that part of the work to the attorneys, the judge and the jury. Th New York election continuas to attraot the attention of the whole country. Low stock seems to have improved during the week, but the general opinión is that VanWyok is still slight]y in the lead. He does not seem however, to have as good chances as he had last week. The estímate of Tracy's vote as given out by the varióos committees varies frum 70.000 to 210,000. Nest Tuesday will teil who will have the control of the appointmenfc of 32,000 employees in the big oity. The city marshal should carry out his expressed iutention to euforce the ordinance against burning leaves in the afternoon and evening. Towards evening the air gets heavy and the leaf smoke remains near the earth all the evening and canses raany headacbes. There is plenty of time in the morning vrhen leaves may be burned when the smoke will rise from the earth, xnuch to the comfort of all inhabitants, who are not having fun at leaf bnrning. The ordinance has been violated right and left this week.


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