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The Wonders Of A Watch

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A Boston jeweler who has a talent for advertising as well as a genius for mechanics has beén remindiiig his patrons lateiy that a watch is the sinallest, most delicate machine that was ever constructed of the same number of parts. About 175 different pieces of material enter into its construction and upward of 2,400 separate operations are comprised in its manufacture. Some of the facts connected with its performance are simply incredible. whenconsidered in total. A blacksniith strikes several thousand blows on liis anvil in a day and is right glad when Sunday comes around, but the roller jewel of a watch makes every day and day after day 432,000 impacts against the fork, or 157,680,000 blows in a year without stop or rest, or 3,153,600,000 in the short space of 20 years. These figures are beyond the grasp of our feeble intellects, but the rnarvel does uot stop hefe. It has been estimated that the power that moves the watch is equivalent to only four times the force used in a flea's jurap; consequently it might be called a four flea power. One horsepower would suffice to run 270,000,000 watches. Now the balance wheel of a watch is moved by this four flea power one and forty-three one-hundredths inches with each vibration - 3,558% miles continuously in one year. If you would preserve the timekeeping qualities of your watch, you should take it to a competent watchmaker oiice every 18 months. -


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