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The eutire steps at the west entrance to the conrt house is to be rebuilt by order of the board of supervisors. William E. Eldert has been drawn as juror for the November term of tLe United States District oourt at Detroit The young ladies of the Presbyterian oharch will give a Hallowe'en and Experience social ia the pailors uf tb church this evening. Married, at the home of the bride in Northfield, Tuesday, by Rev. J. M Gelston, Mr. Orson J. Leland and Mis Kate Wheeler, both of Northfield. Two weddings occurred in Ann Arbor last evening. Mr. John Bonin wa united to Miss Caroline Isbell, and Mr John Malloy was married to Miss Kioka Eisenloffel. The four booths at the fair iu the armory which commences Monday, Nov. 8, will be in charge of Mrs. J. V. Sheehan. Mis. D. J. Ross, Mrs. Caspary and Miss Rinsey. Miss Lizzie O'Connor, who has been cashier at the Chicago shoe store for the past throe years, bas resigned her position and left for Flint yesterday, where she has secured a position. On Saturday, November 6, in the School of Music there will be a reception for the new ruembers of the Choral Union. All the members are requested to attend and beoome acquainted with each other. Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Hangsterfer entertained the Pastiine Pedro Club Wednesday evening. Mrs. Hangsterfer and Will Miller won the first prizes and Mrs. Arthur Brown and Torn Corbett the "boobies. " Mr. Corbetf's prize was three links of sausage. Alderman Arthur Brown is a hustler when he gets started. A few days since he parchased the property at the corner of N. State and E. Ann sts., of President W. H. Payne, of Nashville, Tenn., turning in two lots in the Miller addition as pait payment, and vrithin three days' time had the house sold, the lot divided into fonr lots faoing on Ann st. ; sold one for cash ; traded the two next to State st., to Mrs. Lum for a business lot on N. Fourth ave. Then he sold thafc lot tu Dr. Sudwortb. There are few people who can make so many tnrns of erty in so short a time.