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Detroit street did not stand up any better than the common cbeap streeta dariog the recent rains and a speoial meeting of tbe conncil was held to epend some more rnooey on it in getting some of tbe mnd removed. The costly experiment on the street sbonld be argument enongh in favoring of going slow with the stone crusher. The money, wbich has benu spenton Detroit streec since crnshed stone was first need, would have paved that street with brick and a permanent iniprove ment wonld have resnlted. As it is, Detroit st.will continue to be a sonroe of expense to the city. The experiment bas simply shown that pulverized stone dnst makes a dnsty street and a muddy street. Of coorse if tbe stone bad been limestone, tbe water wonld have cansed the pulverized dust to form a oement, bnt our fieldstones are not limestoneand we have only repeated the experr ence of other places, at a great expense to onr taxpayers. South University ave. is another experimental street. Here side by side is a costly macadamized street with crnsbed etone and a muob cheaper graveled street, turnpiked. Both are good streets, but the cbeaper one is the better. For years our city fathers have had bef ore them a model of good street making in tbe Saline gravel road. If they oan remember back before tbis xoad was a toll road, they will know tbat this was one of the worst roads in theconnty; that in the spring of the jyear three or four yoke of oxen had to be bitcbed to a load to drag it out of the muá on this road. Now, hovvever bad the streets of the oiry may be, this is a good road and riothiug bnt gravel has been nsed to make it so. It is turnpiked so that the water runs oiï qnicbly. Our city streets are made level and water remains on theiii until it either sinks into the earth or evaporates. Plenty of good gravel oan be obtained for our streets, let it be used in a scientific manner and mnoh bettec streets can be made at a very niuoh less expense tban oan be acconiplished by the use of croshed stone.


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