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The Wilhelm Case

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Saginaw, Nov. 22. - Dr. Lewis, of thia city, bas reported anotber most woDdeifnl cure tbrongh the use of the now mDch-talked-of remedy, Dodd's Kidney Pille. Having been tboronghly convinced of tbe nnquestionable merits of thie remedy when tried in tbe case of Mr. Charles C. Cotter, whose radical cnre of Bright's disease is well known, he prescribed them for Mr. Jerome B. Wilhelm, 1320 Ames street, a war veteran, 55 years of age, wbo is receiving a pension from tbe government for disability, and wbo bad been treated six months by Dr. Bliss for tbat deadly and alarming tronble, beart disease. Mr. Wilhelm says he had not been taking Dodd's Kidney Pilis three days after the doctnr prescribed them nntil he feit so mnch improved that he could hardly realize the cbange. He says he is now entirely free from the pains in his back and in tbe regiĆ³n of bis beart, and oan eat well, sleep well, and feels that he is entirely cured. He had given up bope, and as a last resort was making pieparations to go soutb to regain his health, when Dr. Lewis presoribed Dodd's Kidney Pilis, wbich cured bim. It is believed tbat this proves there is no case of Bright's disease, diabetes, beart disease. drop y, or any otber disease cansed by disordered kidneys or impure blood wbich Dodd's Kidney Pilis will not care, as not one single failnre bas been reported.


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