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How to Fix a Smoking Lamp üse Dean & Co's. "Red Star Oil." No Odor, No Smoke, No Gharring of Wiek, Gives a White Light. Do not try something just as good, but buy "Red Star" once. Then you can give the just as good man your experience. He wil! not stay long. 10c per gallon. Sold only by Dean & Co. 44 S. MAIN ST. Old Number. Biggest QfferVet The Ann Arbor Argus AND The Twice-a-Week Detroit Free Press Both Papers One Year For Only pl.ÓO THE TWICE-A-WEEK FEEE PRESS is conceded by all to be MICHICAN'S LEA.D1N6 NEVVSPAPEK. It is published on Tuesday and Fridayof each week, and is al most equal to A DAÍIAr PAPEK. Kemember, that by takinpr advantae of this combination, you get 52 copies of THE ARGUS and 104 copies of THE FREE PEESS. for only $1.60, wbich makes the cost of the naneie to you ONE CENT PER COPY. A 500-PAGE BOOK FREE The Free Press ALHANAC and Weather Forecasts for 1898. CORKECT. CONCIBE. COMPLETE. Over 20,000 Copies of 1897 Book Were Solct at 25 Cents. An iccurate and superior Book of Befereneethat tells you all you want to know. Theie will nol. bo a useless page in it. A Practical Educator and Hand Book of Encyclopedie mformation on subjects Statistlcal, Official, Historical, Political and Agricultural; likewise a Book of Keliuious Pact, and general Practical Dlrections on everyday affalrs of Office. Home and i'arm. A eopy of thisbook wlll be pent to all subscriblng immediately and sending I5 cents additional for mailing expenses, making $1.75 in all. The book wil] be publlsbed about December 25, 1897, it being: impossible to jjetit outearlier on account of gretting1 complete lecords of 189T events. Copies of the book wlll be sent to all taking advantage of this offer, as Poon af tor above date as poesible. Do not delay, but take advautage of tliis remarkable liberal offer wbich we makefora limited time only, by special arrangements with the publlshers. Kemember we send both papers a i'ull year for $1.KO, and you caE have a copy of the book by sendiugla ceatï additionai. Address, ARGUS OFFICE, ANN ARBOR, MICH. For Ch rist mas. It is öatisl'iiètory, Economy is, and by its proper exerciee we are enaliled to produce an efficiënt elcctric llght for carriage or bicycle at the popular prices, HM, $t.00 and $8.00. Electric B Light iilËl Por Necktie, BB Cap or Coat. I $1.50. ISI 9b Complete with powerful Pocket Battery ana all accessories, postpuid. Send draft or post office order. G. L. SHÜMAN, :$24 üearborn St., Chicago. ÖÜR (MBBH OFFERS We have arranged for the following fixtreinely low clubbiug rates for newsjiapers whioh people who are taking or desire to take the Argus should take adavntage of: AuuArbor Argus, to Jan. 1, 1899 .$1.00 Argus and Twice-a-Week Free Press 1-60 Argus, Twice-a-Week Free Press and Year Book 1.76 Argus and Michigan Farmer to Jan. 1, 1899 1.60 ArguB, Miohigan Farmer and Cleveland Daily World to Jan. i, 1899 3.30 Argüe and New York World (three timas a week,) l-O The Argus and Chicago Weekly Dispatch 1-40 The Argus and Weekly Detroit Journal 1-0 OASTORIA.


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