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Only Himself To Blame

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Miss Pinkerly - Are you interested in charity, Mr. Tutter? Tutter (who knows that she is and suspect a possible donation) - Well, Miss Clara, that depeuds. Some forms of cbarity are excellent. Others are raisdirected. Miss Pinkorly - Yes, I suppose that 's so. You know we are going to give a little entertainment at the church. Tutter - Oh, yes. Something íor the heathen, I suppose. Do you know, Miss Clara, I haven't much faith in that sort of thing. Now, if it were nearer home. Miss Pinkerly - But it is nearer home. It's just for the poor children of the neighborhood. Tutter (seeing no escape) - Well, that 's better. I approve of that. Of course I'll take a ticket. Awfully glad. Miss Pinkerly - Oh, that is so kind of you. Tutter - Not at all. Teil me, what sort of an entertainmept is it going to be? Miss Pinkerly - Oh, just a simple little affair. We thought it best, you know, to have everything as simple as possible. There will be refreshmente, of course, but they will all be donated, and then we propose to have some sort of amateur play - possibly a charade. Tutter- Oh, I see. Well, it's a worthy object. I believe in that sort of thing. Have you sold many tickets? Miss Pinkerly - Not so many as I hoped to. Still there is some time yet Tutter - Put me. ètawn for two tickets. Miss Pinkwíy=ííaw, Mr. Tutter, you are really too generous. You must consider your own pocketbook a little. Tutter - Don't say a word. A simple, inexpensive little entertainment like this, with such a worthy object in view, ought to be encouraged. By Jove, the more I think of it the better I like the idea. Charity begins at home. It's a good thing, Miss Clara. I'm not satisfied. Let me have four tickets. No, inake it a half dozen. Miss Pinkerly - Now, Mr. Tupper, really - Tutter - Don't say another word. I insist upon it. Where are the tickets'! Have you got them here? I'll take them at once. Miss Pinkerly - Oh, yes! Here they are. Tutter - Goodl Now, haw much did you say they were apiece? Miss Pinkerly - Only 85. Mr. Tutter!


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