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Pullman's Giant Passenger

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There was one story of his career that Mr. Pullman used to teil with manifest delight. Oue night, going out of Chicago, a long, lean, ugly man, with a wart on his cheek, carne into the depot. He paid George M. Pullman 50 cents, and half a berth was assigned him. Then he kicked off his boots, which were of surprising length, tnrned into the berth, and, having an easy conscience, was Bleeping like a healthy baby bef ore the car left the depot. Along carne another passenger and paid his 50 cents. In two minutes he was back at George Pullman. "There 's a man in that berth of mine," said he hotly, "and he's about ten feet high. How ara I going to sleep there, I'd like to know? Go and look at him." Iu went Pullman - mad too. The tall, lank inan's knees were under his cbin, his arms veere stretched across the bed, and bis feet were stored comfortably - for hirn. Pullman shook bim tmtil he awoke, and then told him iL he wanted the whole berth he would have to pay $1. "My dear sir, " said the tall man, "a contract is a contract. I have paid you 60 cents for half this berth, and, as yon see, I am occupying it. There's the other half, ' ' pointing to a strip about Bix inches wide. "Sell that and don 't disturb me again. " And, so saying, the man with a wart on his face went to sleep again. He was Abraham


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