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The sophomore girls will give tbeir aunnal spread to tbe fresbniau girls Satnrday, Dec. Il, in the Waterman gymnasiam. Prof. M. L. D'Ooge will deliver bis lecture on Greece at Lausing, Wednesday, Dec. 2, under the anepices of the Woman's Historioal Club of tbat city. Wisconsin University bas been fired from the Central Debating Leagae and Minnesota snbstituted. Michigan will meet Chicago here next April. A. H. Reveil, of Chicago, offers a prize of $200 for the contest. Tbe latest report of this year's registration in the different departrnents shows that it has passed the 3,000 mark. It is as follows: Literary 1,297, law 723, medical 431, engineering 274, dental 220, pharmacy 77, homeopathie 60, total 3,082. Pay day at the nniversity has been changed, and now instead of being paid quarterly as heretafore the professors, instructora and other employees of the university will receive their salaries monthly. It will be a great boon to many in many ways. Through the labors of Prof. Trueblood a reception to Joseph Jeft'erson, tne preat impersonator of "Rip Van Winkle, " will be given at University hall, Tuesday, Deo. 1-t. He will come out fruin Detroit tbat morning and deliver a short address at 11 :15 a. m. The firm of which G. B. Harrison, formerly of the U. of M. Daily, is a tnember, has purchased Senator "Wbiskers" Peffer's paper, the Advocate, of Topeka, Kas. It will be Consolidated with the News now pnblished by the Harrisons and will be an independent paper advocating reform measurës and devoted to the interest of working people. It will not be a party organ in any sense of the word. The yellow and blue of Michigan went down in defeat to the maroon of Chicago in the final íootball game of the championship series, played at the "Joliseuin in Chicago, on Thanksgiving Day, bef ore a crowd of 12,000 people. [t was Herschberger's mishty goal kicking from the fleld that won the game !or Chicago. The final score steod 21-12. Michigan's share of the prooeeds of the game was $4,320.