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The very sweetest orange aud richest is the black or ï-usty coated fruit. Piek out the dingiest orauges in the box, and you will get the best. Another way to choose orauges is by weight. The heaviest are the best, because they have the thiunest skin and more weight of jnice. Thick skinned oranges are apt to be dry. They either weigh less because of having so much skin or because of thepoverty of the juice in these particular specimens. A slight freezing on the tree causes this coudition in otherwise fine fruit. The "kid glove" orauges are the two varieties of small fruit grown in Florida from stocks respectively brought from Ohiua and from Tangier They are called mandarín aud tangerine They may be eateu without soiliug a kid gïove, because the skin is loose and the little "gores. "or pockets of juice. conie apart verycleauly and without breakiug. All the above applies to Florida oranges The Jamaica aud Havana oranges are much paler yellow, and their juice is usually of more acid quality thau the home grown oranges.


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