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Malcolm M. Moore, of Miobigan, ha been p...

Malcolm M. Moore, of Miobigan, ha been p... image
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Malcolm M. Moore, of Miobigan, ha been promoted from clerk at $1,300 t special examiner at $1,300 in the pen sion office at Washington, D. C Arthor J. Leonard, of Michigan, ha been jrornoted from $1,200 to $1,400 in tlie general land office. The suprerue oonrt of the District o Colnmbia has declared "trading Ftamps" illegal within the meaning o the act of congress prohibitiDg lotteries and gift enterprises. If there is any way to stop tb is miisanoe of trading stampa, we wonld be glad to bee it applied. It demoralizes trade, and deceives the people. We shall have oooasion to refer to this subject again more at lengtb. The Ypsilantian (republican) says: "From the report of the supervisors' proceedings we glean a few items of in. terest: The expenses for rnnning connty matters for the year ending September 30, 1897, were $37,729.48; the eqnalized valne of the connty is $25,000,000; state tax, $66,760.20; connty tax, $30,000. For the year ending September 30, 1896, state tax was $58,026. 15 and oonnty tax $25,000. For an explanatiou of the large increase the past year it might be well [to apply to Governor Pingree or Sheriff Judson."


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