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)r. Miles' Heart Cure Cures a Prominent Attorney. ME. E. C. PHELPS, the leading pension .attorney of Belfast, N. Y., writes: "I was discharged from the army on account of ill health, and suffered from heart trouble ever since. I frequently had ainting and smothering spells. My form was bent as a man of 80. I constantly wore anovercoat, even in summer. for íear.of aking cold. I could not attend to my business. My rest was broken by severe pains aboutthe heart an left shoulder. Three years ago I commenced using Dr. Miles' ïeart Cure, notwithstanding I had used so much patent medicine and taken drugs from doctors for years without being helped. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure restored me to health. It s truly a wonderful medicine and it affords me much pleasure to recommend this remDr. Miles' Remedies I IDr3 are sold by all Kiuiii S gists under a positive BS, ""' „3 uarantee, first bottle KjTlS&tí. CUTS3 enefits or money fe f ffestore Ji unded. Book on dis-B-f i, j..' 'fl ases of the heart and mfaJfM nerves f ree. Address, HhMSbÉÉkSdBE DE. MILES MEDICAL ÜO., Elkhart, Ind. FREE FREE FREE A Positive Permanent Cure for WBAK MEN ! We mail PREE to suffering mankind a ecipe of the gTeatest Restoratire ou earth fpr yonng or old), suffering from premaure decline from any cause. A Positive, 'ermanent cure for Sexual Weakness. Nerous Debility in any form. TCURED ME, IT WILL CURE YOU This is no scheme to extort money from nyone. When we mail you this recipe we lso endose catalogue of our latest Music Publications, etc., etc. By handing same to omeone interested you fully repay us for ur trouble. 3ne Cood Turn Deserves Another. If you are a sufferer, write at once for full articulars and recipe of this simple reniedy bat cured me (and hundreds of others). It villCure You. Mailed Free, in plain enelope. Address STANDARD MUSIC CO.. tfention this papen. Wabasha, Minn, MWant Money? or a Home? Wan Work? or a Farm? Want to open a store in a town? Want _-__ to raise live stock? Want to know how to tmy improv farms in a lAl well settled reg-ion without paying caen? Particulars and putilications sent free ty F. I. WHIT -- - NEY, St. Paul, Minn. JTIRE NSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, ÍLgent for the followinj? First Class Companie representing over twenty-eight MiilioD Dollars Asaste, issueB polioies at the lowest rates m Etna of Hartiord $9,192,644.00 Franklin of PMla 3,118,713,00 Germaniaof N. T 2,700,729.00 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.00 bondon Assurance,Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. Underwriters, N.Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Pbenix, N.Y 3,759,036.00 ■SpeelalatteDtion given to the inauranoe o iwelllngs, schools, churches and pobltc building rerma of three and flve Tears gj B. NOHK1S ATTOKNET AT LAW. Does a general law collection and conveyano Qg business. A moderate share of your patronage reBpectfully solieited. Office 16 E Huron Street, upstairs. "Wikdl, HERZ, NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. ÜODSB, SlGN,05SAMENAL ASD FRESCO PllMTBR gilding, oalcimining, glazlng and paper nan Ing. All work 1s done in the best style aDg warranted to give satisfaotion. HUMPHREYS' CURES No. 1 Fever, Congestión No. 2 Worms. No. 3 Infants' Diseases. No. 4 Diarrhea. No. 7 Coughs & Colds. No. 9 Headache. No. 1O Dyspepsia, Indigestión. No. 1 1 Delayed Periods. No. 12 Leuchorrea, No. 10 Croup. No. 1 4 Skin Diseases. No. ÍS Rheumatism. No. 19 Catarrh. No. 27 Kidney Diseases. No. 34 So re Throat. i No. 77 Grip & Hay Fever. Dr, Humphreys' Homeopathie Mnal Diseases at your Dra#rfsts or MaUed !„. Sold by öruffgists, or sent on ceipt of m ts 50cts ov SI. Hum]hreys' Med. Co., Cor. William aud John Sts , New York.


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