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Says It's Unconstitutional

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The oase of tbe City of Ann Arbnr vb. Lntber L. James, Bdward Croarkin and Patrick Sloan to test tbe transient traders' ordiuance wbich was appealed by the defeadants frotn Jnstice Duffy's coart, came up for trial in the oircoit conrt ou Friday. M. J. Cavanangh and A. J. Sawyer appeared for the plaintiff and Arthar Brown and J. P. Lawrenoe for the defeudants The trial was slowly prooeeding wben the attorneys for the defensa moved to íjuanh the oase. Tben tbe argnments begao on botb sides and in the middle of it all Jage Einne took the case from the jury and rendereda verdict for the defendants. He held that while bome naerchants were entitled to some proteotiou, yet tbe oróünance was a d reat discrimïuation between home and foreign merobants and the license an onreasonable tax, and for those reasons oontrary to the laws of the state of Michigan. Tbe case is to be carried np to the supreme conit.


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