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Classified Ad: Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery

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The way people eat and drink has perilous consequences. Very few people know how to treat their stomachs. Eating too much; or not enough; or the wrong kind of food; or at the wrong time--gets the digestive organs into such a thoroughly disordered condition that at last nothing whatever can be digested. When the appetite fails and the liver becomes sluggish, the whole system is dragged down and deadened by imperfect nutrition. There is nothing in the world which restores organic tone and vigor so quickly and scientifically as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It acts directly upon the nutritive organism; it gives the stomach power to extract a high percentage of nourishment from the food, and enables the liver to filter all bilious poisons out of the circulation; it puts the red, vitalizing life-giving elements into the blood, and builds up solid flesh, muscular force and healthy nerve-power. In all debilitated conditions and wasting diseases it is vastly superior to malt extracts or any mere temporary stimulants. It gives permanent strength. It is better than nauseous emulsions, because it is agreeable to the weakest stomachs. Whenever constipation is one of the complicating causes of disease, the most perfect remedy is Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, which are always effective, yet absolutely mild and harmless. There never was any remedy invented which can take their place. "In August, 1895, I was taken down with what my physician pronounced consumption," writes Ira D. Herring, of Needmore, Levy Co., Florida. " My trouble continued for several months. Four bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cured me."