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TIME TABLE. Ann Arbor Railroad. Taking Effect November 7, 1897. Trains leave Ann Arbor by Central Standard time. NORTH. 8:43 A. M. *12:15 P. M. 4:46 P. M. SOUTH. *7:30 A. M. 11:25 A. M. 8:40 P. M. *Trains marked thus run between Ann Arbor and Toledo only. E. S. GILMORE, Agent W. H. BENNETT, G. P. A. Michigan Central "The Niagara Falls Route." CENTRAL STANDARD TIME Taking Effect Nov. 21, 1897. GOING EAST. Detroit Night Ex 5 50 a. m. Atlantic Express 7 30 Grand Rapids Ex 11 10 Mail and Express 3 47 p. m. N. Y. & Boston Sp'l 4 58 North Shore Limited 8 10 Fast Eastern 9 47 GOING WEST. Boston, N. Y. & Ch 8 12 a. m. Mail & Express 9 18 Fast Western Ex 1 38 p. m. G. R. & Kal. Ex 5 55 Chicago Night Ex 9 47 Paciflc Express 12 30 O.W. RUGGLES H. W. HAYES, G. P. & T. Agent Chicago. Ag't Ann Arboi p5gSjggfpggB JQW? Study the t"SíyteBjSÍr''tm lli an(í Jerome B. ■I í?F?rr3 Howard. A perfect selfSB JkZjJjy XíiBjÉ '"Siructor. Over 350.000 igW"Vïii5gKg copies sold. For sale by ''pflftT'II'J, fcrwAi!flMOilr!jvnh the Phonpgraphic '"rvaeaE2?5r'1""1 ■'■i" Ría der and the Phonogrxpkic Copy Dnoh, J1.25. THE BENN PITMAN SYSTEM has for 43 yfiars bepn the standard. Called b) th ■ '.. S. BjUréau of Bducation "The American Sysffm." First pri.e, Werld's Fair. Full information and complete catalog free. ThE PHONOGRAPHIC 1NSTITUTE CO-. CINC1KNATÍ, OHIO. RI1SSEÏ i SEABOITS BAKEBT, GROCERY AND FLOUR AND FEED STORE, We keep consianüy on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &o. Fot Wholesale or Ketail Trade. We shall also keep a supply ol OSBORNE'S GOLD DUST FLOUR. J. BL Swift Oo.'a Bet White Wiet Flour, Bye Flour, Backwheat Flonr, Oorn Mea.1, Vtoi, &c, &c., &c, At Wholesale nd Retail. A ereneral stocX ot SROOEJIES AND PEOVISIONS constantly on hand, which will be sold on u reMonable terms as at any other house in the city. EVCash paid for Butter, Kgs, and Countr Produce generallv. FGoods Dehvered to any part of the city wftk o U eilra charsre. Rimey SB Seabolt . Cor. Bates and Lamed Sts. Most convenlent and central locat ion . Car for every part of the city pas the door at short interval. Elevator service, steam heat, electric lights, tile flooro, &■. Bates, 81.50 to 82.00 per day. H. H. JAMES A.8ON, Proprietors THE NEW YORK WORLD THRICE-A-WEEK EDIT10N. 18 Pages a Week . . . . . . 156 Papers a year FOR ONE DOLLAR. Published every Altérnate Day except Sunday. The Thrice-a-Week Edition of The New York World is tirst among all "weekly" papers in size, frequeney of -publication, and the freshness, accuracy and variety of its contents. It has all the merits of a great $6 daily at the price of a dollar weekly. lts political news is prompt, complete, accurate and impartial as all its readers will testify. It is against the monopolies and for the people. It prints the news of all the world, having special correspondence f rom all important news points on the globe. It has brilliant illustrations, stories by great authors, a capital humor page, complete markets, departments fortbe household and women's work and other special departments of unusual interest. We offer this unequaled newspaper and The Argus together one year for $1.70. The regular subscription price of the two papers is $2.00. REMEMBER, THE ARGUS THE WORLD I $1 JO _VEAR.