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Her Mother's Spirit

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A young married wonian was obliged to remaiu alone overnigbt in a St. Louis hotel a few years ago, her husband being detained by business in a neighboring town. In the dead of night the woraan was awakened out of a sound sleep by a tremendous noise in the wardrobe. It was such a suelden and tmearthly uproar that the woman, sensible and practical though she was, was frightened. The noise ceased, then returned. Tho woman jumped up, lighted the gas, ooked at her watch and found it was ust mirluight and made a thorough earch both of the wardrobe and the oom. There was nothing, so far as the vidence of the senses went which could ccount for the racket. The woman put ut the light and went back to bed. The oise was not repeated eitherthat night r any other. Six months afterward, however, the woman was in San Francisco, and for ;he first time in her life and solely out of curiosity she attended a spiritualistic meeting. Almost immediately the medium, a perfect stranger, turned to her and said, "The spirit of your mother is jresent, madam, and she says that six months ago (naming thel'precise date) she tried to communicate with you by means of the wardrobe in the Blank lotel, St. Louis." The woman's pracical good sense did not desert her. "Well, you just teil my mother," she said, "that the uext time she wants to communicate with me not to make such an awful racket in the dead of night and frishten me half out of my senses. "


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