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Cd More and Yon CCÍ LCSS Why is it every sarsaparilla which tries to sell itself, ranges itself against Ayer's as the standard ? Why is it that .all have to offer extra inducements - bigger bottles, fancy vrappers, cheaper price - anything, every thing, but the one inducement of quality ? Ayer's Sarsaparilla has never been equaled by any cheap imitation of it, and quality tells, just as blood tells. It is the Standard. " I have sold Ayer's Sarsaparilla f or more than twenty-five years, and have never heard anything but words of praise from my custom'ers ; not a single complaint has ever reached me. A preparation must possess great merit to maintain such a reputation. I believe your sarsaparilla to be the best blood purifier that has ever been introduced to the general public. I often hear other manufacturera say that this is "as good as Ayer's," but no one ever yet heard it said that Ayer's was " as good" aa any other kind. They always set Ayer's up as the Standard of excellence." - S. F. Boyce, Duluth, Minn.


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