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The Vow Of A Boy Nemesis

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Bring to me my large revolver aud my keen Darnascus blade aud the rubber boots I'm used to wheu iu gore I freely wade. Hither briug my trusty sandbag, briug the snickersnee, I say, for my day has come for murder, and I'm goiug forth to slay. I shall go forth to the slaughter like a bridegroom to his joys, aud 111 flll the uearesfc graveyard with a string of gifted boys. I shall brain the boy attorney with a spasm of delight, and the boy who preaches Sundays he shall fall before my might. Ou the trail of boy physicians gayly, gladly shall I camp. Let the boy pianists tremble when they hear my roaring tramp. Wheu I strike the boyish statesman, he must say his prayer and die. When the boy reporter ineets me, mark ye how the fur shall fly, for I'm weary and disgusted aud my mind has lost its poise ; I have read such beastly twaddle treating of the gifted boys.


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