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Frogs Sing Love Songs

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une or tne most extraordinary things about frog inusic is the fact that tiie frog keeps Iris mouth closed when he is singing. He can sing through his skin. He is provided with a pair of resonant chambers like drums, and he makes his music by snapping hia muscles against the distended niembranes. Then he can breathe through his skin and supply all the wind that is necessary without opening his mouth. A Frenen scientist, after long listening in the woods, has made out and reduoed to writing the song of the frog, or "swamp music," as be calis it, and has discovered that the frog repertory is varied and extensive. Frogs can carry on conversations at long distances and can communicate to each other emotions of fear or anger. Their songs, however, are all love songs and are only indulged in when there are female frogs about. It is then that the frogdistends his drums to their utmost, throwing his head well back and his legs far apart and raising his voice, as it is called, to the very highest


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