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A Queer Russian District

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There is in Bussia a district wbich is wholly administered and during most of the time exclusively inhabited by women. It is the province of Sruolensk and comprises a district of about 15; square miles, from which all the ablebodied males emigrate in the spring and proceed to neighboring towns and districts in search of work, remaining away about niue ruonths of the year. In their absence the women cultívate the fields and manage local affairs generally under the presidency of a wornan mayor. Before nightfall the women assem ble in a sort of clubhouse and play cards till 1 or 2 in the morning. Virtue there is compatible with unlimited cakes and ale, and tbough the hours are late and so much time is given to amusement the commune is prosperous, disorder is unknowu and it is one of the best conducted portions of the empire. The czarina takes an interest in it and is proud of


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