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The New York Latin Quarter

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Eastward frorn quaint old Greenwich lies Washington square, whose vicinage, together with a devious and doubtfully defined district bisected by Broadvvay xnd reachiug irregularly eastward aud northward as far as Stuyvesant square, bas sometimes been styled the "Latin quarter" of New York. Within this region a few of the pioneer American authors, many of those who belouged to what John Burroughs calis onr"secoud erop," aud a still larger number of authors who "have not yet the advantage of being dead, " have or have had home or hanut. Washington square has itself given title to a tale by Henry James of New York life. At No. 21 of the adjacent Washington place that subtly realistic novelist was bom, and his father, "the Beer, " wrote some of his metaphysical treatises. We ruay be sure that the Kchool kept by"a broad bosomed, broad based old lady vÉth a ferrule, " of whicb young James had knowledge, was not far distant, and if we sit of a ' ing with Howells' "Marches" among i the old trees of the square we see just north'of it the "wide fronted house with a big balcony before its drawing room Windows" and with steps aud trirnmings of white marble in which dwelt the Dr. Sloper of James' tale with his dull daughter and her plotting aunt. Another marble aud brick dweiling of the same row is that from which Kitty, the heroine of one of Brunner's merry "Ballads of the Town," disappeared togo "summering" in a studio building ou the othersideof the square. Hererjut N. P. Willis suffered a flagellatiTí from Edwin For rest, provoked by the poet's conduct and criticisms in relation to the latter's divorce ligitafcion. - Lippincott's. For a long timereligiousincantations formcd tbc only method of treating disease. Litanies wcre cbanted while remedies were applied. In Egypt, pharmacy was pranticed at an early date. If I can bav plenty ov mackrel for, I can geuerally make the


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