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To Wreck The Train

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A dastardly attempt to wreck tbe electrio oar on tbe Ann Arbor & YpBilanti line was made on tbe 7 :50 run between Ypsilanti and Aun Arbor Wedne8day night, and only for the carefolness aDd presenoe of mind of Motorman Vail and the faot that the small oar was in use wonld have reanlted eerionsly. Tbe car was running at its nsual good rate of speed wben uear tbe stone schoolhonse in Pittefleld Mr. Vail disoovered an obstrnotioa on the track. He promptly tnrned off the uurrent and put on tbe brakes. The car reached the obstrnction before it stnpped, bnt luckily pnshed it forward along tbe track. On examination the obstrnotion was fonnd to be a railioad tie and furtber along two more ties were found on the track. The villain had intended to make his work sure, but. failed. There were five or sis passengers on the car at the time. Yesterday Mr. Vail swore ont a complaiut before jnstioe Duffy against Aaron Canine, of York, oharging him with the crime. The sheriff's officers are going after him today.


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