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Women's Clothing

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Clothes should always fit properljr, says a correspondent. If they hang loosely upon the wearer they will fail to adequately protect her from chilla; while if, on the other hand, they are too tight, many evils may result from the constriction of the limbs, or- worse still - of the internal organa. Tight sleeves, garters and boots are responsible for many evils arising from impeded circulation, while no word8 can be too strong in condemnation of the ruinous prac├╝ce of constricting the waist by tight corsets. The Iungs, heart and abdominal organs are all thus pushed out of place, causing present misery and frequently inducing permanent disease. Boots also are seldom made to fit the foot. If the reader will stand 'barefoot upon a sheet of paper, and mark the outline of her foot wlth a pencil, she will see at once how little it resembles the shape of the fashlonable narrow-toed boot. Clothing, to fulflll its purpose, should always be made to fit the wearer - not the wearer forced to accommodate herself to her clothing.


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