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Deficiency Estimates

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Washington, May 3.-The secretary oí the navy has sent to the secretary af the treasury for transmission to congress to be included in the urgent deñcency bilí estimates of appropriations required by the navy department to complete the service of the current fical vear and the next fiscal year ending Tune' 30 1899, aniounting to $18,480,000. Th?s 18 in addition to the $34,019.998 asked for last week by the secretary of war. The items speeified are as folio ws: ,_r nni,, Coast signal system, etc $,5.000, equipment of vessels. including coal, etc $1000,000; steam machinery, labor and' material for repairing vessels, etc $1 45 constructlon and repair ot vezels 'etc, $1,500,000; ordnance and ordnance stores, etc, $400,000; for purchae of contingent stores, transportaron of supplies, etc, 1898, $50,000; same for 1899 $200,000; provisions, labor, pay offices, 'etc, 1898, $1,000,000; same for 1X99. $':;.000,000. - -.. FÓr keeping vessels attached to Asiatle squadron provisioned and supplied with coal. ammunition and stores, the tranportation of which, the secretary ,avs vía probably necessitate at least the' charter and possibly the purchase of a number of suitable vessels, aleo to increase the number of small aft attached to the varlous squadrons or to Place such as may be disabled, and to meet contingencies that cannot be deseen $10.000.008. Total, $18.470,000. This estímate wlll be sent to congres at once.


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