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When the establishment of the mint was under discussion in Washington'a time there were some amusing debates in congress concerning the devices the coins should bear. Here is an account of one funny squaible over the design for the sil ver dollar: A member of the house from the south bitterly opposed the choice of the eagle on the ground of its being the "king of birds," and henee neither proper nor suitabie to represent a nation whose institutions and interests were wholly ininiical to monarchia.1 forras of government. Judge Thacher in reply playfully suggested that perhaps a goose might suit the gentleman, as it was rather a humble and republican bird, and would also be serviceable in other respects, as the goslings would answer to place upon the dimes. This reply created considerable merriment, and the irate southerner, considering the humorous rejoined an insult, sent a challenge to the judge who promptly declined it. The bearer, rather astonished, asked, "Will you be branded as a coward?" "Certainly, if he pleases," replied Thacher. "I always was one, and he knew it, or he would never have rlsked a challenge." The affair occasioned much mirth, but finally cordial relations were restored, the irritable southerner concluding there was nothing to be gained Jn fighting one who fired nothing but jokes.


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