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"light Housekeeping."

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"Rooms to reut tor hgüt houseseeping" is a sign that is steadily creeping into the windows of down at the heel mausions and into otherswhioh, thongh bearing a prosperous air, house occupants who"have experienced reverses." Justwhere the line is drawn between the light and heavy variety of this domestic soience it is difficult to determin bnt it is conclusive proof that if you b ly your pastry in bags at the bakery; if, lacking a back door of your own at which to receive the niorning milkman, you are obliged to lay in wait for that personage at corners, then you are a "light housekeeper" - though perhaps your burdens are heavy. We are prone to look upon these hurnble housekeepers as beings without home or country, because their foothold upou the terra firma of society is so light, but often there is much snugness within the few rooms and much culture, too, though it is hard to conceive of a culture that is nourished on bag lunches. If you will get up early euough some aaorning, you may see the husband of one of these light housekeepers, with his paper and pitcher, just returning frorn a chilly enconnter with the milkman, and as he passes into his room3 you may catch a ray from the smile which awaits liim, and which, uulike


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