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How To Disinfect The Pruning Knife

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The Country Gentleman quotes Professor M. B. Waite in regard to disiufecting the pruuiug knife used in cutting aut -wood diseased by pear blight, as follows: "The solution to be used in disinfecting the pruniag knife is the carbolio acid solution, which is doubtless the best for this purpose. It is made by shaking up the acid, preferably the crystalïine form, in a bottle with water. The solution sbould contain about 5 per cent of the acid. A piece of cloth or a sponge should be fastened inside the -vessel containing the solution, and each time the knife is used it should be wiped on this cloth or sponge. A solution of ordinary chloride of lime is also good for disinfccting the knife. It should contain about 2 or 3 per cent of the chloride of lime. Another solution which can be used for this purpose is corrosivo sublímate (mercurio chloride). A solution containing one-tenth of 1 per cent would be sufficiently strong. Tableta containing sufficient corrosive sublímate for a quart of water can be obtained at almost any drug store."


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