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Fog Yarns

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Talk at the mess table of the old day boat one moruing at Albaiiy turned on the fog which hung over the upper reaches of the river. The night boat had not made her doek yet, and it was really a remarkably thiok morning - 7 :30 o'clock of a midsummer mornirig and still inurky. So said the eecond pilot. "I remember," began the purser, "on Lake Champlain, a fog so thick you couldn't see the jack staff from the pilothonse, bnt old Captain Sam put her along all rigbt." "Pooh!" said the chief engineer. "We were going through a fog in Haverstraw bay in 1874 that we cut a wake in - left it clear half a mile behind us. " "Well, " remarked Mate Charley Griffin, who feit it time to say the last word, "I was on the ia 1868, or 1869 maybe it was, off Anthony's Nose, when we ran into a fog bank that stalled the old wagon, just like a locomotive in a snowdrift; couldn't push her anead one inch." "My unele in Portland, Or. ,"said the uewsboy whohad uo business to say anything about fogs when his elders were about, "writes me that the other day his neighbor, Mr. Perkins, was shingling his roof when one of those Pacific coast fogs carne up. Mr. Perkins ehingled out four feet on the fog before he"-


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