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"I was brought up," said a fond father, "to say father and mother. I never dreamed of saying papa and mamma when I was a chüd, and I should have made awkward work of it if I had tried. My children until lately have always said papa and mamma. I don't know how they got started that way, but at the outset and for a long time they never thought of saying anything else. Then the older ones took to saying father and mother. The older children soon accustomed themselves to the change; the younger children were a little shy over it at flrst, but they soon got pretty well used to it, and now we rarely hear in my house papa and mamma; It is father and mother. And I must say I like it better. And I don't think it is because that is the way I was brought up, though these titles certainly do have to me an oíd and familiar and affectionate sound that is very Dleasant: but I think I like father and


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