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Cinder And Smoke Preventer

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Every man who has ridden in a train drawn by a steam locomotive has had experience of the effects of the smoke and einders which were b)own in through the Windows of the car and has wondered why there was no means of suppressing the nuisance. A Maryland inventor has tried nis hand in the attachment of a cylindrical gooseneck, bifurcated at lts lower portion, to the smokestack of the locomotive. The ends of the divided portion termínate in a receiver for einders located at the side of the engine. To the gooseneck is attached a pipe which runs the whole length of the train. With thls device it is impossible for smoke or einders to come in contact with pasaengprs, even although windows and doors be left open, for as th refuse of the furnace passes up the smokestack the smoke enters the pipe and is driven back toward tho end of the cars by the air that is constantly rushing through it.


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