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The style of wagon box represented in the accompanying plan is said by an Ohio Farmer correspondent to be coming quite extensively into use and to be a very handy arrangement on the farm or on the road for hauling loads of grain, wood, tile, etc. The main frame or bottom of wagon box consists of two scantling 3 by 4 inches and any length, according to length of bos desired, although 1 2 feet makes a very desirable length. These are joined together by 2 by 4 cross ties pinned at the ends into inortises. The iron sockets on the sides which are made to hold the 2 by 3 standards on the side boards can be made by any blacksmith out of an old wagon tire. The side boards may be made any height to suit the purpose and may be planed and painted or put up in the rough. There are several styles of end gates, and any of them can be used to suit the taste. The end gates may be fastened in with an end gate rod or hooks and staples used. A box like this can be made tight enough by flooring the frame carefully so that any grain or shelled corn may be hauled in it. It can be built very cheaply and where a farmer is handy with tools should not cost over f 1.50, as nearly all the material may be produced frona the farm excepting the hardware. However, if the material be purchased it should not cost over $4. A very handy feature about this box is that when not in use it can be folded together and set aside out of the way. The kind of ladder represented in the second cut, froru Ohio Farmer, overcomes the difflculty sometimes experienced in finding side pieces of sufficient length and also presenta other advantages. You may have one long ladder or two short ones at your pleasure, and it can be converted into a high stepladder. The two rounds, B B, are of tough wood and small enough 60 they can be easily slipped in or out, or they oan be made of iron bolts with nuts. Xhere are uitM totes ct, &-v farm for short ladders tiiea long oaes. With tiris ladder yon can epliee the two sections, and then you can have a long ladder when occasion demands one. It would be better to put in small bolts at the places A A. The lower section should be so made that used as two ladders you will need two extra rounds. Therouads ehould be placed 15 i nenes apart.


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